The Cove at sunset

I tried again for a moon rise above the water and the clouds in the east were still low…BUT the sunset on the other side was GLORIOUS !!!!!! It was a pink/gold/violet and then finally a blue and golden sky…..reflecting over the water like a picture painted in oil by a master painter……..

156073_10202754339519892_1777064355088714180_n 10177507_10202754341599944_6777305939116141992_n 10441924_10202754340759923_2494156329769930683_n 10626504_10202754338039855_5376070759966009005_n 10647183_10202754342999979_2849512308669553242_n 10659397_10202754338799874_1059203737490189462_n 10665772_10202754342199959_2478642543943219932_n

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