Spring is here at the bird feeder

The back porch is a very busy place these days…It was covered in piles of snow and ice all winter…We had so much fallen ice and snow from the roof that we had to use the front door…NOW that spring has graced us with warmer temps the ice pack was soft enough to make way for us to use it again…THIS is where I hang my bird feeders…
How active it has been these days with the squirrels and many types of birds…Stewie, one of our cats, sits by the sliding glass window wishing he could get out and chase the squirrels away…I have a camera set up at my kitchen window and one set up in Ken’s “man cave” room…That is the room where Stewie, the cat sits staring at all the activity with his tail wagging…I chuckle to myself when Ken runs to the window yelling at the squirrels that happen to make it to the bird feeder…He threatens to get out a BB gun…I remind him that he can’t and I promise to clean up the mess on the deck each day… I AM so delighted to see so many different birds feed at the feeder…I also love the squirrels…We had 5 at one time on the deck the other day :) . They actually climb on a table and knock on my kitchen window…HeHe……There will be more photos to come for sure…I am still trying to capture a picture of the Cardinal Pair and the Downy Wood Pecker that comes from time to time…ENJOY

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