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Deborah DeCambra1
I was born and raised on the South Coast of Massachusetts, where I cultivated my attraction to nature at a young age. I see beauty everywhere in God’s creation. My interest in photography started in my teens, when I was the photographer for my high school year book. This was an era when photography included developing film in a dark room.
   My path took me away from photography to study science. After receiving a BS degree in Biology from Providence College, I went on to study Agricultural Science at South Dakota State University. I applied this degree as an Instructor of Agriculture at the Wilmer Vocational and Technical Institute, Wilmer, Minnesota. I didn’t have much time to focus on photography during these 10 years.
   Photography re-entered my life while I was studying for a PhD in Reproductive Endocrinology / Early Embryo Development at the University of Vermont. I was a key player in setting up Vermont’s first In-vitro Fertilization clinic at UVM’s teaching hospital. I worked with a Zeiss microscope that had a camera and television connection for the purpose of research as well as teaching MD’s specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology. Photographing human eggs and early embryos was a fascinating experience…
   My path took me away from my science career when I became a mom and raised four children in Vermont. Photography for me, then ,was capturing family life. Ice hockey was a big part of the family experience. I played for Providence Colleges first women’s varsity ice hockey team and I coached boys teams for 7 years in Vermont.  I was a photographer, for a couple of years, for the girls high school ice hockey team when one of my daughters played.
   While my children were in school, I had a position working as a dairy consultant for a local grain company. Part of my responsibilities was to write articles for Agricultural Magazines, which included my photography.
   My first digital camera was very basic. This technology made it easy to take many images and see the results right away. Because I am passionate about many things, I began taking a group series of pictures to tell a story. Some of my first photo stories include making pumpkin pies. I took  my first large set of pictures deep in the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont searching for moose. I had a guide and a permit to do this for a week. We hiked deep into the wilderness some days, hunting with my camera instead of a rifle.
   My life took another turn after my last child left for college. I began to focus more on the things that I felt spoke to my hearts expression. Photography became a tool for me to share the beauty I see everywhere, whether it be the ocean waves hitting the rocky shore, the sunrise over the mountains, birds in flight, bees covered in pollen as they dive into a flower searching for sweet nectar, or a smile on a child’s face. My camera became my way of capturing God’s creation.
   I returned to my home town, having left almost 40 years earlier, and married an old friend from high school; he is my biggest fan. At Christmas time, he has provided me with some great photography equipment. It has been intensely evolving over the past 3 years.
   NOW it is time to share………..
Welcome to my world of Heaven on Earth……

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  1. LOVE all of your photos, Deb. You have an amazing talent to capture Heaven on Earth. x0x0x0

  2. Hi Deborah,

    I enjoyed viewing your photography and reading your story. Congratulations on creating a wonderful Website. Thank you for sharing your work and experiences!


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